PNW Island Living: Hello & Welcome

Hi! I’m Whitney.

Windermere Real Estate broker, mama to Caden, and local island girl.

When not in the office or out showing, you can find me out on the water fishing, crabbing, or prawning. Hiking on one of the many trails in the park or on Turtleback Mountain. Or indulging in some coffee and treats from one of our great coffee shops/bakeries.

One of the first questions I have always gotten from people when they find out I live on Orcas, AND that I grew up here is “what is it like living here?” Well! I hope to give you a glimpse and some perspective into the lifestyle of PNW island living – specifically, my life.

Living on the island provides a unique experience to not just year round residents, but to seasonal residents and tourists alike. So much of what keeps people coming back year after year, is what keeps us wanting to stay here year after year. There are the obvious elements – the awe inspiring beauty and serenity of the Salish Sea, the deep lush forests of Moran State Park, the farm land that provides us farm to table nourishment, but then there’s the little elements that to fresh eyes, you may just overlook.

There’s a rhythm and breath to the island.

Maybe you’re looking to gain knowledge of Orcas Island, or maybe you’re wondering what it’s like to live on the island, or you just happened to stumble upon this blog, regardless of why you are reading, I hope that you take away a greater understanding of what it is that makes this place and lifestyle so special to me.



whitney and caden summer 2018 boating pnw island living

Whitney + Caden
Summer ’18


(Oh! And if you’re wondering what the second most asked question I get: “How tall are you?!” six feet one inch…and a bit)







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